Monday, September 10, 2007

Ballack???? Again!?!??!

Shit, shit shit…

Talk out of England again is that Michael Ballack might join Real Madrid over the winder break after getting his ass bounced out of Chelsea’s Champions League roster, in their bid to keep him fro getting ‘cup tied’… which consequently would make him more attractive enough for another team to buy him… and of course if there’s an expensive player on the market, RM is also inevitably mentioned.

Seriously… do we need this guy? I honestly don’t think so. We have 2 top playmakers already (Sneijder + Guti) and a pretty good attacking midfielder parked on the bench (Baptista)… and with our young wingers (Drenthe, Robben, even Higuain and Robinho) coming in, space in the roster is tight enough.

Why would we need to buy a 30 year old midfielder who has a scumbag agent demanding a 1-million euros in commissions for his purchase, had a bum year in a top club, has a bum ankle who asks to be paid 140,000 GBP a week?

Even if they hadn’t won anything yet, I think that Real did well for themselves so far with their clever free pickups (Saviola, Metzelder, Dudek) as well as their decision to go after young players (Sneijder age: 23; Drenthe age: 20, Robben Age: 23 + last season’s winter signings: Higuain age: 19, Marcelo age: 19 and Gago age: 20) in the transfer market. Getting an overpaid player who is likely past his prime is damn sure as hell the equivalent of stumbling more than several steps backwards after RM’s few baby steps forward.

Wise up Calderon, Mijatovic & Co.!

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