Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I haven’t blogged in ages…

The most obvious reason for this has of course been the ridiculous schedule I’ve had ever since I changed jobs last November. I’ve hardly had even the time to sleep, much less to ponder thoughts, and figure out how to properly verbalize them.

I have however been able to continue sustaining the passion I’ve discovered in this tiny Southeast Asian island of 4+ million people: football … futbol… or soccer (I hate it when the minority who call it that, insist on calling it that). My love for the game is documented in passing as I once upon a time wrote some thoughts during the World Cup in my other blog…. The one I still can’t manage to sustain (I still hold ambitions of bringing it back to life someday though…).

So while I struggle to put into words the thoughts that stream through my head when I do find myself waxing lyrical / philosophical about the other million and one things I tend to let my mind fester about…. Here are two things (for the moment at least) I know I can talk / write about… Things I’ve grown to love and be desperately passionate about… Football and my beloved Real Madrid.

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