Saturday, October 6, 2007


Pisser, pisser, pisser!

Here we go again… symptoms of the OLD Real Madrid. Slacking bums! We had Lazio with their back against the walls! We had gone a goal up and had control of the match, but in typical Real Madrid style (we, Madridistas should be ashamed of), we took our foot off the gas pedal and allowed them right back into the match… on TWO OCCASSIONS! Talk about repeating past mistakes…. Repeating past mistakes twice in the span of 90 minutes.

Some points in the match:

The front line was pretty good: It’s nice to see Ruud Van Nistelrooy finding the form he was on late last seasons with his 2 strikes. And while everyone was talking about Ruud’s 2 goals, we should all give credit to Raul, who ran his socks off and was largely responsible for the 2nd goal: robbing the ball from the Lazio midfield and releasing RVN with a brilliant pass.

Apart from Diarra (who looked REALLY good during the times when Real was in control of the match), the RM midfield was unbelievably awful: considering that this is largely Real’s first-choice midfield lineup. Sneijder looked like the timid guy who played against Valladolid (where we had our asses handed to us), he hardly created anything from the midfield and was hardly able to create any danger. Word out is that he’s having difficulty dealing with the pressure and responsibly that seems to have been laid on his shoulder by the Madrid press. Guti was awful too… hardly able to make any passes and were a couple of steps slower… even in reacting to the defense. Robben was completely lost…. Where was the lighting quick winger who dazzled us just a few days ago?

On defense, we weren’t so bad, except when we conceded those goals. Cannavaro made several Italy-in-the-WC type of interceptions and tackles to slice up attacks. But heinze didn’t convince me at CB…. I am convinced that if they have injured Centerbacks (like now, with Metzelder and Pepe out), they should bring Sergio Ramos as a Centerback and give the young Miguel Torres the nod at right back. I’m clearly no fan of the slow-footed and foul/yellow card-prone Salgado. Heinze and Marcelo should just interchange at left back with Heinze being the defensive option and Marcelo the attack-minded one.

Is RM a team sliding? It looks like it…. But I’m hoping not.

2007-10-03: Lazio 2 - Real Madrid 2