Thursday, July 17, 2008

Selected Featured Departures in the Calderon-Mijatovic Era

Departure – Ronaldo to Milan…. Then to the TransvestitesWent to Milan… scored some goals. Ended up with 3 Transvestites. His belly is bigger than mine! And let me tell you, my belly is big!
Retrospectively, I will always choose to remember Ronaldo more fondly, for his great comebacks and the piles and piles of 'golazos' he has scored. My negative sentiments re: him are mostly just me lamenting on a player who could have REALLY been the greatest footballer of all time.

Departure – David Beckham to Hollywood, err…. The LA Galaxy
Is David Beckham really just such an unlucky bastard? He works his tail off, makes no trouble on the media even when his ass is glued to the bench yet his arrival seems to mark or is perceived as symbolical of all that went wrong with Real Madrid during the Florentino Perez era. I’m happy he’s finally been givne the chance to win silverware before leaving Madrid... and along the way, it gave me the chance to prove the doubters wrong and even win some money through online sports betting (hahaha!).... 

Departure - Roberto Carlos to Fenerbache
It was sad to see the greatest Left Back of all time leave Real Madrid. I do think that his age and the absence of a truly great Centerback exposed him. Either way, he will always be among the greats. And I will admire and respect him for the way he has conducted his departure from Madrid so well. In due time, the club and its fans will remember him and honor him as he deserves to be.

Departure - Antonio CassanoI’m glad this nutcase has left us!

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