Friday, February 19, 2010

2010-02-17: Real Madrid Talk Podcast


In this week's podcast, we had a full crew: Adam Bader of Real Madrid Talk, Kevin Walker of La Liga Weekly and Corey of Real Madrid - The Offside... we also had a special guest: Isaiah from Barcelona Football Blog.
The discussions we had prior to, during the recording and intermission for this podcast turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to blow off steam over the Great Gerland Disaster: we also looked back to last week's Xerez match and looked forward to this weekend's Villarreal game at the Bernabeu.
We also took this chance to grill Isaiah on the goings on at the Camp Nou... and if you're wondering what that noise in the background was all about: it was the intense chatbox banter that went on behind the scenes between the Madridistas and the lone Cule.
I hope everyone enjoys listening to this one just as we did recording it.

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