Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2010-02-27: Tenerife 1 - Real Madrid 5

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  1. Look at the Pipita finishes? He's world class at hittin corners and sidenetting. Can u imagine how hard it would be to tuck that second goal away? That ball was skipping accross the field, just burried it. heavenly finish

  2. I thought the first one was tougher... he hit it with his unfavored left foot completely naturally... and his run wasn't at a natural pace as we was clearly watching himself to ensure he's onside, tracking the pace of the defenders against his...

    either way, both finishes were immaculate.

    It's a travesty that the World's Richest club (recently recofnrimed by Deloitte) is paying its La Liga topscorer so poorly.... the kid deserves a raise.