Sunday, April 24, 2011

2011-04-23: Valencia 3 - Real Madrid 6

The 'B-Team' Turns it on!
The Mestalla has become Real Madrid's Home away from Home!
It was truly a Black Saturday for Valencia... For Madrid, Easter came a few hours early!
Happy Easter everyone! More thoughts on the game maybe tomorrow...
Keep those prayers coming for the next Clasico encounter in the Champions League!


  1. This game makes me happy in several ways:
    1. Kaka not losing his jets, or even if he did it was just a little. Higs' 2nd goal is a testament to that. We have good hopes at least once he finds his form, he can be at least 75% of the Milan Kaka. He might become another threat Barca has to think about.
    2. It's a reminder for the whole team: players & Mou, that once their concentration goes down or wrong tactics are employed, it can become a disaster. The last 1/3 of the game proves this in spades. Hopefully this will be sort of a little wake up call.
    3. Keeping the pressure to Barcelona for the La Liga title. It's their title to lose, but it's important to keep the pressure so that they don't have an ease of mind... and hopefully they also tire the 1st team members.

  2. I agree 100% especially #3. The boys started to play like they were on an open-top bus in Madrid headed for La Cibeles while the sharks of Valencia (Soldado, Mata & co.) were still lurking about.

    YES! Kaka showed that he's still got the jets (maybe not the afterburners like you said) - but dangerous enough. Enough for him to be a strong backup to Ozil. I also happen to believe that he's got the goods to evolve to become perhaps like Lampard in Mourinho's Chelsea (i.e. basic link up play but with those trademark late runs and shots into the box)

  3. Yo, man, check it out!