Friday, November 25, 2011

Creepy Covers

What's with Marca's knack for putting up all these creepy covers?
Yesterday's cover had Karim Benzema mutate into a bizarre, hairy orange feline-like creature as if to suggest he was supposed to be Puss in Boots.
Yesterday's Marca Cover with their Horrifying Version of Benzema as Puss in Boots.
Wasn't my Benze-Cat (also using the Puss in Boots character from Shrek much cuter?)
My Benze-Cat
Well, what else can you say right, Marca are after all the same guys who are the creators of that even creepier creature called BenGuain.
Marca's Benguain: Real Madrid's answer to the Terminator?
Karim Benzema is probably thinking to himself: "Gosh, these people (Marca) really hate me eh?"

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