Monday, August 25, 2014

Merengue Bites 2014-2015 Episode 4 - Supercopa Dissappointment

Kaushik, Bassam, Ryan and I pick up the pieces from our shattered Spanish Supercup Dream: rationalizing the midfield and pondering an Angel Di Maria-less future. We also talked about some of the best and worst Real Madrid kits of the recent past. Plus, which Real Madrid player would bake the best cake?
Everytime I'm reminded of the second Capello stint at Real Madrid, I feel like slapping myself in the head for being a cheapskate and not buying that season's kit. It was also Ruud Van Gol's one super great season for us. 
Inspired by Game of Thrones? or the Chinese Mafia? Would have loved this kit WITHOUT the Dragon/s.
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